Crafting with Beads

Crafting with beads can be a great way to spend your time. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Using your imagination, you can create many beautiful designs. You can make jewelry as well as many other beaded projects that you’ll have for years. If you have a passion for arts, crafts, and jewelry design, you could start a profitable home business. Create according to the season or where your imagination takes you. It doesn’t cost a lot to start and you’ll be making jewelry, gifts and items to display around your home. A win-win for you! I think of beading as an art form and what you create, unique to you. Design ideas for jewelry and craft projects are all over the web….do a quick search and the creativity will start to flow. When you find a design, sketch it out on paper. Then decide what colors you want to use, what kind of beads and lay them out according to your sketch. Move yours beads around until they look just right. Remember, unique to you. Your creativity is not limited to jewelry. Look around your home….picture frames, (nice gift idea, too) flower pots, vases, bottles. hand bags, clothing….many things that you can add color and sparkle too. Thanks for...

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Designing with accent beads can be an exciting endeavor. I like to think of accent beads as a frame to put all the attention on the gemstone bead that I am making the main attraction. Accent beads call also used to high light the pattern in a stone or mirror that pattern. I have also used precious metal accent beads in numerical patterns that follow the rules of sacred geometry to enhance the wearer, health, goals or possible help them access some character within themselves such as charity, compassion or insight into their own behavior. If one is having trouble meeting their goals by not taking systematic step you can you a pattern of progression like the simple 1,2,3,4,5 repeat or 2, 5, 7, repeat. Another way to accent a stone is by mirroring the properties of the stone such as a moonstone. You can base a moonstone design on all the number associated with a moon cycle, 12, 9, 3 and 4’s this is much easier to achieve with accent beads than with moonstone alone as you would have to have many different shapes or sized of moonstone. Such a piece would be good for an expectant mother or someone that needs to have their cycles regulated or perhaps tame PMS. You could further enhance this design by using disc shaped sterling accent beads that reflect the shape and color of the full moon. This is just one example of using accent beads to add to your designing library. You can use numeric patterns to add beauty and dimension to any design. Another use of accent beads is to add to the richness of your piece. Gold, Vermeil or Gold filled beads can accomplish this from a lavish outlay in 20K to a more modest one using Vermeil or gold filled beads but still achieving the look of a sophisticated valuable jewelry article. Gold brings the look of wealth, abundance and luxury. It also adds joy or celebratory nuances because it mirrors the look of the full summer sun a time of plenty and jubilation. You can look at ancient jewelry piece from Egypt, Phoenicia, Greek or Rome for inspiration. It is easy to see how they incorporated accent beads to play up the drama and power of their designs. The applications for using accent beads are endless. Accent beads can extend your design options without limitations. Don’t be afraid to experiment. The wonderful thing about beading is that if it doesn’t appeal, doesn’t feel ‘right’, you can undo it and start...

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